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TUCN Must Save the Traders of Kaduna State



By Haulatu Idris Adamu
First I must appreciate this medium that published this message and my
prayers will continue to be with them.The purpose of this write up is to send a message to Trade Union of Nigeria because I and almost all the traders of Kaduna state have forgotten that we have a Union formed and saddles with the responsible
of our affairs. I believe, in Kaduna state, no marketer think that Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUCN) has the right to intervene and come to the aid of marketers from the wanton destruction of markets until the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) showdown took place in Kaduna state may be because of lack of orientation or experience but at this time we (marketers) believed, it is time for our National Union to say enough is enough of the daily ongoing sabotage on traders of Kaduna state, because our state unions are afraid to come to our aid and
can’t taste the water.Truly, if there is any group of people in Kaduna state that deserved support, solidarity and sympathy on their problems and created jeopardy, the people are the traders of Kaduna state because I am a
victim of the more than six (6) million circumstances of lawlessness order and arbitrary of court on demolition of markets and shops in Kaduna state as it is on record that many demolitions took place while
the cases were before courts. And, it was for such evidences of contempt of court, the name of Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai was
removed to attend the 2020 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association.

The governor of Kaduna state during his 2015 governorship electioneering campaign promised to make business in the state
comfortable and progressive, and it was for that reason the Market Traders Association of Nigeria (MATAN), Kaduna State branch supported his candidature as the governor
of Kaduna state, for the 2019 election the marketers contributed from their pockets and purchased a Governorship Form for Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s re-election for ‘we’ thought the days will be brighter even though the cloud was thicker.

There are total of more than sixteen markets in Kaduna state that were demolished which occupied more than six (6) million traders. The Unguwar Rimi market has 6000 traders,  the Kasuwan Barci Market has more than 20, 000 traders, the Palladan Market, Zaria has 1000 shops with over 15 thousand traders, demolished Barnawa market has 600 shops with an estimate of 5000 traders, two markets were demolished in Unguwar Sanusi, Kawo market has more than three hundred shops with more than 10, 000 traders, Kasuwan Magani market was also demolished with more than two hundred shops, the Kantin Kwari Market with more
than 6000 traders was demolished after renewal of Ownership Registration in less than two months, Hayin Rigasa market was the first market to be demolished in 2015 and the construction is abandoned.

The Royal Market popularly known as the 740 Garage was demolished with almost 30 shops and the plaza which occupied more than 400 shops is on notice, Some parts of the 60 year Old Panteka Market was demolished and the marketers are on notice to vacate, Abubakar Gumi Market; the Central Market of the state is on Privatization after the governor revoked their allocation and the Unguwar Shanu Market is on notice for demolition. There is no market in the state that is not facing demolition threat.

In Kaduna state, no market is spared and no marketer is sleeping well because at any time notice of demolition may be distributed and bulldozer will come punching. Many traders have died because of this terrible situation, and no proper documentation of traders before demolition or shortlisting of shops’ ownership, indicating no one has
right to his/her shop.

It is time for TUCN to answer the call of its children and operate within the armpit of its jurisdiction to protect the lives and businesses of Kaduna state traders.

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUCN) which is an affiliate of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) was established in 1942. TUCN is the federated Trade Union and the first Union to receive government
approval to operate on a national basis. By law the Union has these mandates:

1. Protect members from unfair or unjust action of proprietors of business (and government).

2. Intervention between the powerless and voiceless members and management.

3. TUCN is mandated to provide its members the opportunity of coming
together to consider, pursue and promote common job-related interest,
and also help workers to socialize with others.

4. negotiate with management on other work benefits and misunderstandings.

5. Ensure the maximum security of traders and their goods.

In all the aforementioned  responsibilities of the TUCN that was given by the constitution of Nigeria and the Union miscellaneous acts, no one is enjoyed by the traders of Kaduna state since 2015 because of
fear of demolition.

The TUCN has positioned itself to the government side and look at the
sabotage of law on traders continue to unfold in Kaduna state.

The withdrawal of TUCN to partake in the just concluded NLC Warning Strike in Kaduna state has uncovered the skeleton in the cupboard of the TUCN on the lawlessness acts upon traders of Kaduna state.

However, the closed meeting that TUCN had with the state government of Kaduna state before the NLC Warning Strike has fished out the smiling rat on the table of the two parties and this is the time for TUCN to
identify its true members and operate within its confines.I could remember how Kasuwar Barci traders suffered in court and left alone to fight the battle of the titans while at last their market was demolished when the case is proceedings in the court of law and TUCN
must not say it didn’t hear about the prolonged saga that affected its members.TUCN should know that the constitution of Nigeria under Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria (as amended) has given every group of Nigerians right to protest against unsatisfied actions, and it is a fundamental Human Right for every marketer in Nigeria to enjoy the services of TUCN because traders pay levies and charges to the Union,  and for these all and sundry must be carried along in their services.

But, if TUCN felt that silence is the best answer to the traders of Kaduna state then history and God will never forgive and forget
leaders that run away from their responsibilities on which the sworn to be objective and justifiable.

If NLC can show its true love to sacked workers of Kaduna state that were not up to 40,000. TUCN should have the concern and love of more than six (6) million marketers that their shops were demolished and
privatised in huge whooping amount that they cannot afford. Marketers

in Kaduna state see the Privatization as a system of capitalism aimed to seize what is for the poor and give it to the rich.

All the demolished shops their allocation prizes range from N5, 000 to N25, 000 but now the prizes ranges between N2 million to N15 million, and this is pathetic and unbearable to the rightful owners of the
demolished shops.

TUC should know that only 500, 000 people made the workers of Kaduna state while 80% traders made the people of Kaduna state and surely, the traders of Kaduna state need your helpful hand because many of the
traders continue to die by hypertension and ulcer.

Traders of Kaduna state have the right to get their shops back after construction of the demolished markets in affordable and accommodating and any change in this, is fetish effort to conscificate their own

As all marketers of Kaduna State awaits the intervention of TUCN in Kaduna state. TUCN demolition of more markets as for now none of the demolished markets is completely constructed.

TUCN should stop privatization of Kaduna state markets as all the shops were already allotted to marketers as the rightful owners
because we perceived that Nasir El-Rufai is trying to seize what is meant for the poor to give it to the rich as a system of capitalizing
to enrich the rich and make the poor poorer.

Also, TUCN should ensure that marketers that owned their shops get their shops back after reconstructions as the traders have their Certificates of Occupancy and Allocation.

At last, the good advice I will give to TUCN is to have a group discussion with the genuine marketers to hear from the horse’s mouth
because the state unions leaders may not offer accurate and clear information regarding the tribulations of marketers because they are afraid to lose their seats and the government will continue to protect
its interest. I advise, three parties should be involved and preferably to use media of communication to announce their activities
and invitation.

At last, I am sorry if my words are rigid and may be it is first approach from any trader of Kaduna state that seeked you to intervene
in our solitude pain because our state Unions and Associations cannot invite you for being afraid but I am not doubtful that this write-up represents the cries and tears of all Kaduna state marketers on the
tribulations inflicted on us by Kaduna state government.

I pray that this will be the reason to wipe away the running tears of Kaduna state traders’ eyes, and heal the wounds of their hearts, and I pray and hope we will see brotherhood and love from our National Union and the mother of our affairs.

Haulatu Idris Adamu writes from Kaduna, Barnawa

Kaulat can be rechead via

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