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Along with a monthly podcast and live streaming listeners numbered in the thousands, Prime Time attracts 4 million visits a month. We produce original videos that draw over 5 million views a month, as well as podcasts, live events, and a vibrant news platform on the web and mobile. Our staffers regularly appear on leading cable news and radio programs and our work is widely cited in the media. Our offices are located in Kano State and FCT Abuja.

There’s a large and growing group of people who take a special interest in informative news delivered via a digital platform. This is what we call Generation T. Their need for information, data and personal connections is increasing. Prime Time News produces original content that draw over 5 million views a month, as well as podcasts, live streaming TV, and more. We produce hard-hitting independent journalism with a strong focus on civil liberties, politics, technology, culture, policy, and commerce.

Prime Time News exists outside of the left/right echo chamber. Our goal is to deliver fresh, unbiased information and insights to our readers, viewers, and listeners every day.

For many years, Prime Time News’ readers have turned to us for fair, independent-minded coverage of the things that matter. Our reporting and commentary on politics, policy, technology, and pop culture draw a loyal and engaged audience of millions of readers, viewers, and listeners.

For all advertising inquiries, please contact:

Mr.Ahmad Soron dinki or Mustapha Adamu
Media Advertising / Business Development Manager
13B Farm Centre Road,
Kano, NG 10007

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