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InSecurity: Arewa Media Writers Postponed Two-Day National Seminar In Gombe State



The Arewa Media Writers Association, under the chairmanship of Comr Abba Sani Pantami, has postponed an unprecedented National Seminar in Nigeria. two-day administration in Gombe State.

If you have not forgotten the Group is scheduled to hold the meeting on June 4, 04/06/2021, closing on June 6, 06/06/2021.

The association is planning to hold a workshop to train Northern State Writers on how to write and use social media, to ensure that the writing process is cleaned up on social media.

The theme of the conference: “The Role of Social Media, the Development of the North, Especially Insecurity, the Economic Crisis, Politics and Social Cohesion.”

The meeting was postponed by Arewa Media Writers to review the level of insecurity in some of the major northern states in recent days.

The group consulted with security agencies and sought the advice of security experts, considering the nature of the steps to be taken by many participants in the current context of worsening insecurity in the North and the country as a whole.

It is for this reason that Arewa Media Writers has postponed a major conference until peace is achieved.

“Arewa Media Writers” prays for lasting peace in the North and in Nigeria as a whole.

The group also needs your prayers for the important steps it has taken to clean up the mess on social media. Amen

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