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Hannibal Brumskine III pioneers Liberia’s startup community



The African startup community is booming and Nigeria is leading the way with over 320 organizations and over 521.8M+ in funding.

With Paystack being sold to Stripe for $200M+, Lagos and Nigeria at large is maintaining it’s title as “The Silicon Valley of Africa.”

Other African countries are making waves in the startup community in their own right and one of Liberia’s American-born entrepreneurs is the Founder of, Hannibal Brumskine III, who is pioneering Liberia’s startup community.

Brumskine III who was born in Alexandria, Virginia is making waves in Africa’s business news coverage as he transforms online consulting for artistically inclined youths in the Western world, as well as the continent.

The Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare stated during the National Company of the Year Competition, “The younger generation is different from the older generation. We see the uptake of technology growing wide, the youths are coming up with ideas, using technology as an enabler.”

Brumskine III said his company was committed to aligning in word and action with any and every African leader who realizes that technology will be an enabler and connector for black youths worldwide.

According to him, many youths do in fact see technology as an enabler and connector, but there are few startups who curate and manage those connections, allowing for youths to achieve their goals effectively by working alongside the right people.

The startup founder stressed that underprivileged youths are not lacking in talent but in access to systems that provide guidance.

Hannibal Brumskine III pioneers Liberia’s startup community

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