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Coalition of Fulani are committed to the development of Fulani, which Ganduje must given credit to



Umar Idris Shuaibu – Kano

As many Fulani Associations in the State and Nigeria at large continue to emerged, Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has put the heads of Leadership of Fulani to form a ‘Coalition of Fulani Associations’, an association that will focus on core mandate of establishing so many association.

The Governor in his effort to bring to an end the banditry that is highly linked to ugly behavior of some Fulani Herdsmen, ask them to come down to the State and take a home in any of the grazing reserves endowed in Kano.

Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje who hails from traditional Fulani way of life made it compulsory upon him to give back to his community for years since before he became the Governor of Kano State.

In an interview with Digital Journalist Umar Idris Shuaibu, Governor Ganduje assured the Coalition of Fulani Associations his total commitment towards improving the traditional setting of Fulani, to the modern system so as to benefit themselves and the State at large.

This is not enough, the Governor directed the State Bureau of Statistic to count the Fulani Cattle Rearers residing in Kano, as a measure to include them in all the developmental plans and budget of the State.

In addition, Dr. Ganduje always remind the Fulani Herdsmen to stick to Rearing, Farming and educate themselves through available means.

“If you can recalled well our Grandfather and Reformer Shehu Usman Bin Fodio taught this during his time, as if you can practice this three occupation, you will continue to be relevant in the society.

“So this is our way of life in the olden days, and no any tribe that doesn’t have any bad eggs, but to be sincere we must commit ourselves to protect the existing dignity and unique values of Fulani in Nigeria”, Dr. Ganduje narrates.

Beside, In his first year as a governor of Kano state, He sponsored 60 Fulani youth, who undergone training on Artificial Insemination in Turkey.

Henceforth, Kano is the first state in Nigeria to built the Ruga Settlement for Fulani Herdsmen, after the proposal of building such was not successful by the Federal Government as a result of issues arouse from the Southern part.

The Elderly Fulani man did not stop there, He also promised to include the people that were sidelined over the years in any developmental agenda in anything that will uplift the tribe, and their occupation.

History cannot forget the economic growth that Fulani Herdsmen give to Nigeria since before the time of colonial masters to date. And in this era Ganduje’s zeal and determination to change bad narratives on Fulani must be acknowledged and be put on record

It’s time for the remaining Fulani Leaders that achieved so much in their Professions to stand and protect the dignity and help their people to overcome the challenges they are facing nowadays, as Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has been doing for decades.

Umar Idris Shuaibu is a Digital Journalist and can be reach at or 08066616097

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