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Christian Groups Condemn Patriotic Attack On Minister Sheikh Pantami



By Comr Abba Sani Pantami

The Joint Committee on Christian and Religious Affairs of Nigeria has condemned the alleged links to terrorist groups by the Minister of Communications and Economic Development, Sheikh Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami.

The chairman of the committee, Bishop John Okafor, expressed their position in a statement issued by Vanguard newspaper and RARIYA, seen on Monday, April 19.

On the other hand, the statement said: “The commission of inquiry has found that the allegations against him are intended to discredit him as a minister and to discredit the country.

“She also found out that Dr Pantami had no personal ties to any extremist, as Shehi and any government official.

“The parliamentary inquiry also found that the allegations were, in fact, a protest by stakeholders, who were affected by the recent changes in the communications sector, under the auspices of Pantami.”

According to Bishop Okafor, Pantami is an Islamic scholar, just as bishops and pastors are in Christianity.

He added that the minister was preaching as taught in the Holy Qur’an, as the Christian preachers do, according to the Bible.

Bishop Okafor also urged the media to be fair in their reports and reports on government service providers.

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