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BTSO Reflects on June 12th, 1993, Commemorates With Nigerians



The Senator Bola Tinubu Support Organization, BTSO, deeply reflects on June 12th 1993 as it commemorates with Nigerians and the new Democracy Day.

No doubt that without the sacrifices, persistence and democratic insistence of His Excellency, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, who won the 1993 Presidential election, that was annulled by the military regime of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), this 4th democratic dispensation from 1999 todate, would not be in existence!


This was contained in a statement issued to PRIME TIME NEWS on Monday and signed by the BTSO’s National Spokesperson, Rt. Hon. Daniel Edoache Atayi, on behalf of the National Coordinator, Hon. Abubakar Kuso.


We reflect amidst commemoration how Chief Abiola fought resiliently against the Military for the restoration of his legitimate mandate and democracy in Nigeria to an extent that he lost his life fighting a democratic course.

We also would commend the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, for being more democratic by reckoning with the sacrifices of Chief MKO Abiola on the singular fact that he approved June 12th to be Nigeria’s new Democracy Day. A morale feat that no President amongst the Three that inherited the benefit (democracy) from 1999 to 2015 as Presidents had no thought about; a democracy for which Abiola sacrificed his life!

Like Abiola, our Principal, distinguished Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu fought the good fight for objective democracy to prevail in Nigeria. He demonstrated it in Lagos as Governor who was the only positive opposition voice from 1999 to 2007, insisting on the rule of law, respect to human rights, fought for electoral reform and dividends of democracy to the masses. Tinubu, formed several coalitions that led to the emergence of this formidable APC and especially the election that produced the current President and administration, an effort to which we may say, President Buhari revered and honoured in reciprocation with this new Democracy Day poised to uniting the North with the South, recalling that Abiola’s election, was the most free and fair in the history of our democracy with Popular votes of about 8,341,309 for SDP, the then Abiola’s political party whose running mate was Baba Gana Kingibe both Muslims, yet they got 58.36 percentage votes from Nigerians despite all odds!

BTSO wishes that this relationship that Abiola and Senator Bola Tinubu brokered between the North and the South, remains even beyound 2023, after President Buhari’s tenure comes to a fruitful end.

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