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An Open Letter to the Executive Governor Of Kaduna State




By Professor AbdulRafiu AbdulGaniyu

Dear Governor El-Rufai,

I write you as a citizen of Kaduna State and also as a stakeholder in the State. The situation in the State at the moment is worrisome, I think I still have the stake to tell you what I perceived as the truth as only the truth will set us free.
Every day you login to social media you see people in Kaduna state crying for one reason or the other.

Your Excellency Sir, governance is not about being cruel until you achieve your targeted goals, it is about being human and meeting the yearnings and aspiration of the masses that campaigned and voted you into your office. People’s houses are being demolished, their businesses crippled, workers laid off in the name of rightsizing and school fees increased.

Your Excellency Sir, I know you well to be a bookworm, you have read a lot and still reading, why not borrow from noble people like Umar Ibn Khattab (RA), Umar Ibn Abdulazeez (RA) and the likes.

Your Excellency, we appreciate your efforts in rebuilding the State but infrastructural development without human capital development may end up becoming useless.
Your Excellency, people are distressed under your leadership and I think your political think-tank need to design another strategy.

Your Excellency, I once heard you saying that a lot of prayers have been said against you as a result of the several demolitions you made in Abuja and nothing has happened to you, you are right and I must sincerely say that I am happy that nothing bad happened to you. But notwithstanding, the Pharaoh of Prophet Musa (AS) was reported to have spent 40 good years without even having mere headache despite his atrocities. I am not saying what you did was bad or good but I am just trying to let you know that God in His wisdom can decide to punish or do otherwise at His own instance and at a prescribed time.

Your Excellency, people of Kaduna State are felling very severe heat as a result of your leadership style.
I will like to remind you one tradition of the Prophet SAW which I know you must have read severally:
اللهم من ولي من أمر أمتي شيئاً فشق عليهم فشقق عليه، ومن ولي من أمر أمتي شيئاً فرفق بهم فأرفق به» رواه مسلم
O God, who (happens to) acquire some kind of control over the affairs of my people and is hard upon them-be Thou hard upon him, and who (happens to) acquire some kind of control over the affairs of my people and is kind to them-be Thou kind to him.
Reported by Muslim.
Governance is all about humanity and not making profit,
may Almighty Allaah be your guide.

Written AbdulGaniyu (Director Daarul Hadeethis Salafiyyah Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria established by late Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria (RH)

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