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A A Zaura: The Inspirational Warm-Hearted Candidate Kano Citizens Yearn For



It is true that most leaders are formed through trainings and instructions from the idols of the leading team. But there are few who were naturally born with certain exceptional qualities of leadership, and they have for years been exhibiting such good qualities amongst their friends in schools and work places.

These few gems, ‘professional leaders’, are the those who were defined to be the accurate ship captains that know the way, go the way and show the way. They are the ones who stand out with full strength to protect the interest of their subjects ‘whatever it takes’ to garnish their lives, bring hopes to their hearts and make them understand the values they possess…they’re called, “Prestigious Persons of High Eminence”.

In the history of Kano, residents have never had a trustworthy and well centered ‘to-lead’ politician, who gathered lots of experiences in all ramifications to do with good leadership and serving subjects than A A Zaura.

This soft-hearted and focused son of Kano State, is believed to be one of the most strongest shield in the state – a shield that will protected people’s glory to scatter – he’s the only true sample of ‘not too young to run’ leader who with all honesty wants to help Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to bring back the glory of Kano State and put it on track in all aspects.

A A Zaura, exhibits uncountable signs of good leadership, excellent values – he has been described by minors and aged, males and females as ‘The Most Essential Vibrant And Non-Corrupt Leader’ in the history of Northern Nigeria – thus many call him “Damina Ba Ki Mugunta”.

This gentleman according to many, he is the only candidate that exhibited many good signs of leading people in good manner…and elected, he’ll put smiles in the faces of many – for he’s one of the best leaders in the state that give hope to the citizens they lead.

Zaura is open to create and establish profitable strong relationship and recognition for his people, especially women folks and youths.

He is that great man who Kano State citizens describe as ‘a true gentleman of lofty dreams’ for his subjects, colleagues.

His professionalism in leadership (right from his early education in primary school as perfect down to his current position) has taught many old and serving leaders numerous lessons worth following by all. He is a pure hearted, lovely as well as kind man who listens to everyone’s words and ideas – above all, he has respect for rules and regulation of the land – Zaura is a true compatriot.

He has been rated by many candidates and locals as the most productive and successful soul – as changed many lines in the history of Kano State and in terms empowering youths, A A Zaura has elevated many people from the status of “I have nothing doing” to “I am very occupied”. He is an industrial man, competent and honest.

Surely this man, A A Zaura will forever leave behind thousands of solid legacies and commitments that would only bring about huge development to his people and generally change the selfish norm of leading locals in the history of Kano State.

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