N400b COVID-19 Vaccine – Bello Galadi


By Bello Galadi

The Federal Government of Nigeria had perfected plans to procure vaccines worth N400B for the people of Nigeria.

Ordinarily, no amount is too much in view of the gravity of the pandemic and the urgent need of the government to tame and suppress its spread. However, my concern, as a citizen, is in respect of the bulk purchase of the vaccines.

It looks suicidal in my reasoning to procure vaccines worth N400b at once when the efficiency of the vaccine is in doubt.

There are agitations that the vaccine is not effective. Whether or not the claim is right, government needs to tread carefully and caution itself on the dangers of plunging the Nigeria’s scarse resources on an uncertained deal.

If I were the President, I would procure the vaccines in trenches and would not commit more than N5b at a time. That is necessary to avoid greater financial risk. The rate of covid- 19 cases in the country is not alarming to warrant such gigantic commitment.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered by the government before making the N400b commitment is the issue of sensitization. People should be well enlightened on the need to get vaccinated, otherwise a lot of people will decline it, which, at the long run, will constitute a waste of resources.

There is need for the FGN to revisit this position because N400b is a big money in Nigeria.

If I were Buhari, I would procure rice with the N400b and distribute to Nigerians free. That’s the greatest vaccines a typical Nigerian needs at the moment.

Bello Galadi, Immediate- past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (covering Zamfara State) and President of Bello Galadi Foundation.

Barrister Galadi could be reach via:
muhammadbel_law@yahoo.com; muhammadbellaw80@gmail.com

7th January, 2021

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