Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo: An epitome of philanthropy and educational revolutionist


By Dr Usman Sunusi Gwarzo

The name Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo has of course been a household name in Nigeria and beyond due to the significant impact the name have made across the global arena especially in execution of philanthropic gestures and promotion of scholarship within Nigeria and across its territorial boundaries for progress and development of the humanity.

Prof. Gwarzo who now clocked his mid-forties is the president and founder of the legendary and envious Maryam Abacha University of Niger, Maradi, Niger Republic (MAAUN) which has today spread its tentacles and presence on most of the African countries with a view to expand and increase access to university education.

His realization that university education has today become the prerogatives of the children of the privileged few due to the competitive nature and scanty chances for them to acquire it: such were among the motivating factors which spurred and encouraged this gentleman to venture into the education industry there by investing huge human and material resources to established one of the best university in the continent and which has today become a point of reference world over.

No wonder as Prof Gwarzo’s dexterity, commitment and foresight toward promoting education was definitely informed by his obvious family pedigree, interest, commitment and determination to deploy education as a weapon in salvaging the humanity from deprivation, exploitation, neglect and isolation as he believes that education is the greatest weapon to conquer poverty, ignorance and dehumanization.

The Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) has registered unprecedented academic excellence from its establishment in 2013 to date as it doesn’t compromise academic standard and discipline for it believes that academic certificates are being awarded on character not learning only, and for one to graduate from this citadel of learning called MAAUN he has to work hard and hard and hard as their certificate symbolizes hard years of study and excellence.

The University (MAAUN) under the leadership of this quintessential and erudite scholar has today registered its presence in numerous countries such as Nigeria, Niger Republic, Ghana, Togo, Rwanda and France. He hopes to be the first person to establish university campus in at least one country in all the continents of the world.

As young and vibrant as he is, Prof Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo has in his characteristics manner and attitude and to his credit has built numerous primary and secondary schools and renovated or rehabilitated many for the benefit of the children of the downtrodden masses much as hundreds of them have either graduated or about to courtesy of the Gwarzo born academic icon.

Not only in education as Prof Gwarzo’s midas touch and magnanimity but also glaring in the area of water supply by drilling of hundreds of boreholes in remote rural communities with the main aim of providing the rural populace with safe and clean water for their consumption and such other household activities which requires water.

Gwarzo is an ardent believer in the adage which says he who brings water brings life; hence his resilience and determination to bailout those who cannot access this precious commodity called water from frustration and uncertainty due to lack of portable water for themselves and their animals.

Prof Gwarzo as a very versatile intellectual and a God fearing personality who value and cherished his religion very dearly and has respects for other religious believers: without contempt or disdain, he has to his credit constructed several mosques and other important religious institutions for God and posterity as Saddakatul Jari’ah.

Prof Gwarzo is no doubt the youngest and most vibrant university education entrepreneur who uses his God given youthful age, intellect, ingenuity and penumbra of influence to catapult the Maryam Abacha American University to higher height among its sister universities much as the entire African continent have an invaluable regard and respect for the University.

As Gwarzo celebrates his birthday today, may I on behalf of myself and my good family continue to pray for God’s guidance, protection, good health, long life and prosperity on this gentleman to enable him continue to impact positively on the humanity.

Congratulations once again and happy birth day to you my Prof and I wish you many more returns of this auspicious occasion.

Dr Usman Sunusi Gwarzo MBBS (ABU), DHLM (UDUSOK), MHE (BUK), MPH-FE (ABU), MDS (FUDutse), MBA (NIBM), FWACP
Field Epidemiologist and Consultant Community Health Physician
Department of Public Health, Federal Medical Center Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State

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