Bashir Ahmad: My hero of the year 2020


By Abdulkadir Aliyu Shehu
Sarkin Bai Gona

A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really cares.

It is very difficult to find a reasonable and amazing person who wants to be a man of the year.

I spent a lot of time thinking who will be my hero of the year 2020, I have some criteria that will guide me to find a credible person.

And I made a consultation to find a view of the people from various fields of life.

Finally, I am happy to announce that ALHAJI BASHIR AHMAD Personal Assistant on New Media to President is my hero and man of the year 2020 for 3 consecutive years.

Let me tell you my reasons for choosing Bashir as my hero of the year 2020, some of you might think that it is because I know Bashir for more than a decade, made me to understand his style.

My Hero has done so many things in all aspects of human endeavour which he always doesn’t expose them, because he did them for Allah’s sake, today I have decided to pronounced some of them. Most of the time, some people criticise him maybe because they don’t know what he has done or because of envy and hypocrisy.

More than 45 people secure jobs in various Federal Government Ministries and Parastatals through Bashir, in addition to that, about 2000 people received a donation of various food items during the lockdown period to feed their families.
Above all, Bashir has done so many things to his people especially close friends and Allies.

In education, Bashir gives scholarship to not less than 1000 students from various tertiary institutions in Kano and some northern states which he promised to add more in the 2021 insha Allah.

Bashir has also empowered so many people especially youths in a bid to reduce youth restiveness in the society.
And he helps small businesses to grow in his domain.

These are some of the reasons I have nominated him as my hero and man of the year 2020.

Abdulkadir Aliyu Shehu
Sarkin Bai Gon
Written from Gombe
31 December 2020

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