Disclaimer and scam notice by PRIME TIME NEWS Management


Disclaimer And Scam Notice

It has come to our notice that one unauthorized Ahmad Sulaiman Ramat has falsely used the PRIME TIME NEWS names in an attempt to fraudulently secure unlawful news contract on behalf of the company.

PRIME TIME NEWS learnt that the scammer used a fake letter head with logo of the media company and requested for the release of fund to execute a special report on the aftermath of Kano Pfizer medicine on some victims in Kano.

Sadly, the letter head and website address used by this fake reporter, Ahmad Sulaiman Ramat, do not resemble the original ones, PRIME TIME NEWS is using, hence calling upon individuals and groups to avoid trusting such bad elements and approving to them their requests without due process.

Also, in the said fake letter, the fraudster used the fake name Ibrahim Abdul-Hamid as Managing Editor, for the avoidance of doubt, our Newspaper do not have such name and position.

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We have never endorsed or support anybody to act on our behalf. We are Newspaper of high integrity and whatever we are doing is professionally and administratively.

Should this company be lucky to trace and locate Ahmad Sulaiman Ramat, he should be handed over to PRIME TIME NEWS and the company with take the responsibility of suing him before judge.



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