Invite Kukah, Nabena, They Are Becoming threats To Our National Unity, CINAG Advised DSS, Police


Our stand on the current national discourse over some reckless utterances by Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and the Ag National Publicity Secretary of the Caretaker Committee of APC, Mr Yekini Nabena on issues about insecurity in our region and nation at large.

For Bishop Matthew Kukah we see it as very unfortunate, because no matter what, being a religious leader who is regarded with high esteem, there is need of him to know how to express his opinion over issues that have religious and security complications in a country like ours.

He is not a commoner to have made such reckless statement that are dangerous precedence of undermining national cohesion and can cause a mayhem or destabilize our unity and peaceful understanding.

On Yekini Nabena, it is our resolved to condemn him on strong terms over his recent politically motivated utterances of accusations and incriminating allegations against the personality of governor Bello Mutawalle of Zamfara state of sponsoring or sustain banditry activities in the northwest region of our country.

The two characters are dangerous objects of propagating disunity, hatred, lies and disaffection among Nigerians, their actions and words has exposed them as great enemies of peaceful coexistence of well-being and survival of unity and political tolerance.

Their separate pronouncements has not only dent a bad image to their intentions but expose them on the wrong side of history as enemies of peaceful coexistence of our dear nation.

Nigerians must be disappointed with these characters and their sponsors. Their habits are inconsistent with their positions, because they breed hatred, trouble and bring a new type of chaos and confusion among some unsuspected ordinary citizens who are ignorantly recognizing them as model without knowledge their hidden motives. Their hatred and thinking goes with negative outcome as shown up against the unity, cohesion and political understanding of our country.

They’re empty on ideas of making our country great, rather becoming thorns of difficulty, raising doubts about their motives on the future of united nation.

We are disturbed that, their continue utterances can be so dangerous and are capable of creating discomfort or endangering our unity; so, there must be a stop on these motives of creating confusion or fighting our collective interest of unity and prosperous nation of peace and understanding.

Going back to past happenings, when a similar things happen with Mr Obadia Mailafia, former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria on his reckless utterances, the security agencies has pursued such matter to the logic conclusion, in which after his arrest, investigation are carried out to determine the essence of involvement of a third party, before his prosecution to a court of law; therefore, we see it as duty to the matter of national security, justice and fairness to invite the duo of; Bishop Kukah and Mr Nabena for the same investigations and subsequent charge to court for their incitement and allegations utterances against the constituted authority and wanton of destruction.

They have committed offences that warrant their immediate arrest and prosecutions against the state; by making allegations capable of inciting public peace with frivolous allegations in order to curry favour from general public, will endanger our peaceful co-existence and national cohesion.

Their prosecution can serve as deterrent to those hiding under religious banner or political platform to unleash venom of fear with unsubstantiated allegations against particular matters or issue of security.

Their co-sponsors must to be exposed in order to unearthed real plans behind such reckless, unguided utterances that can bring great risk on the survival of our unity and political cohesion in Nigeria.

We thus wish to express our confidence and support to the general efforts and sacrificed made daily by our active military and police officers on the fight against banditry, cattle rustling, kidnapping and Boko Haram despite the over stretched challenges on this exercise; and salute the commitment cum leadership direction efforts for the sustaining of these operations and its success by the governors of Zamfara, Borno, Sokoto, Kaduna and Katsina states respectively.

This piece was written by the North-west Chairman of Citizens Conscience Group of Nigeria, Dr Sanusi Musa Na-Malam

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