COVID-19 has affected our business badly- Lilin Baba




Shuaibu Ahmed Abbas, mostly called Lilin Baba is a famous figure in the Nigerian music, film and artistic industries.


In this interview with Mustapha Adamu, the singer opens up on his journey in the Nigerian entertainment industry.




 As a singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and industrialist, you have been able to attain these feet in a very shortwhile, how did you do it?


Well, i think it is about creativity. In any case, i don’t underestimate ideas that spring up my head, no matter how little, i try to utilize it. I believe that has been very helpful to my career.


There is something i also felt it is important which is how i always encourage myself to adopt some kind of flexibilities in the way i handle events.


Talking about flexibilities reminds me of the music you have released recently, entitled “Bawata”, in which you used multiplicity of dictions- English, Hausa, Yoruba etcetera. Is that also part of your flexibilities?


Well, perhaps, it is part of it. You know most times as an artist, one has to be very versatile. You don’t always limit yourself to scenarios around you. You look up to issues and events all across, study them carefully, make analysis, generate and regenerate ideas, compose them and most importantly try to come up with new ones.


From the start-up of your career in the entertainment industry, you have won numerous prizes and awards amongst which is the Popular City People Entertainment Award, bagged in 2019. How did you achieve that?


I think i am not in the right place to speak on this. Honors, prizes and awards i believe are greatly presented to deserving persons. You see, a lot of people must have done incredible jobs to contest.


 But the organizers in their own capacities set down the criteria that every possible winner must conforms with. I only have to thank them for finding me worthy of that novel prize just as I am looking forward to receiving much more.



Do you love women?



Of course I do. I am a man and i love them seriously. But i also like the men.


You have produced a great number of music. Which of them is your favorites?



I can’t really pick one to say it is the best among many. Like you have just said, there are multitude of them. But i think i would prefer Taka Rawa, Voom, Suri, Dama Dama, featuring Adam A Zango amongst others. 


 The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a serious economic effects across many fields of human endeavors. How has it affected your business?


Well I think it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say we are the victims most affected by the ravaging effects of Covid-19. You know artist work with crowd. In studios, in cinemas, in the viewing and events centres, public spheres etcetera. 

In any case, we need a great magnitude of audiences. But you see Coronavirus likes no crowd. One of the safety protocols is that people must embrace social distancing. 


It has really affected us. But we give glory to God that we were able to handle and sustain this novel pandemic. Today we are here to keep on with our legitimate business.

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