COVID-19: Kano schools closures, ignites jittery of potential lockdown


By Adamu Aminu

Sequel to the Kano state government’s announcement, late Tuesday night on immediate closure of all primary schools, secondary and tertiary institutions in the state, as part of taking proactive measures to tame the tides of possible second wave covid-19 relapse.

The stance taken by the Kano government has cast doubt and jitters on the mind of the residents in the state that, the imposition of new lockdown restrictions is seemingly around the corner.

Reports show that the issue of state gov’t abrupt schools closures becomes the first headline in both conventional and social media, which turns to the topic of discussion in Kano.

Even though there wasn’t any direct notification from government particularly in the statement released and signed by the Kano state Commissioner for Education, Malam Muhammad Sanusi Kiru issued on Tuesday, reports show that some residents are of the view that the Kano government statement of schools closures is a preliminary stage, creeping-slowly to the intended spot – lockdown.

Some residents in Kano who bare their mind and craved for anonymity on the issue said “they hope there wouldn’t be anything of such sort in the future, because people suffered massively in the past lockdown, and haven’t yet recovered from the impact of the last movements restrictions”

Another resident said that” as the second wave is reportedly relapsing back, he urged the state government and relevant stakeholders shouldering the fight against COVID-19 to subscribes for fresh ideas flatten the curves of the pandemic and discard any notions of the imposition of movement restrictions.

Reports suggest that the last year’s COVID-19 lockdown has implicated untold hardship to the people particularly the fewer privileges and downtrodden, while the government insist that lockdown is not optional, the only hard way of taming the spread of the pandemic globally.

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