Is President Buhari seemingly figurehead, non-silver-tongued? 


By Adamu Aminu

The recent massacre of 43 farmers in Zabarmari village, in Borno state, brought many things into perspectives with regards to how President Muhammadu Buhari’s timidity to tame the inhuman savagery bedevilling the north.

This kind of barbarity wasn’t the first one. It happened sometimes ago in Auno, Borno state, where a group of heavily armed insurgents carried out the mass murder of innocents civilians on transit.

The gruesome incident which attracted far-reaching condemnations, which equally deserved rebuke through the nationwide address from the President to calm down the nerves of Nigerians, viewing the way and manner the innocent lives were lost in the attack.

But instead, it ended up in traditional condemnations accompanied by an empty promising package of doing everything possible to avert the reduplication.

Similarly, this kind of carnage occurred sometimes ago in Kadisau a village in President Buhari’s home state, Katsina whereby 30 people were reportedly killed gruesomely by armed-wielding bandits.

At that time, no direct-solace or condolences visits by the President himself, but instead within the few days after the carnage, he aboard the plane embarked on a peace mission to Mali.

This was extremely painful and unrequited love in disguise from Mr President to Katsinawas and northerners in general.

What had happened recently in Kwashebe, Zabarmari axis of Jere local government of Borno mark a new depth of savagery, something of the brutal magnitude never seen before, innocent farmers liquidated by knife, slaughtered en mass like animals, axed-down and gruesomely hacked apart.

And yet, the recent brutal carnage seems to be not worthy of a magnitude to address the nation by Mr President.

Unfortunately, amidst the time of this unspeakable grief, a man who is publicly known as a presidential henchman point-blankly tells Nigerians that the victims didn’t get military clearance for embarking on the ill-fated husbandry.

This clearly shows a lip-service and sense of apathy from the side of Mallam Garba Shehu for the collective bloodbath’s victims of cut-throating and beheadings.

Sequel to the trending tides of insecurity warping almost entirety of the north, with the corresponding glaring failure of Mr President and the bandwagon of those entrusted to compliment his efforts to fulfil the pledge made during the electioneering campaign of solving insecurity challenges and other sundry issues.

It’s now clearly understood that our pragmatic head of state of yesteryear’s, is our introverted president of today, who’s grappling with timidity towards addressing security challenges at the moment.

Undoubtedly, the most entirety of Nigerian is looking at President Muhammadu Buhari a mere figurehead, the shadow of himself not as commander-in-chief, who’s been said teleguided by anonymous cabals as previously alleged by his wife.

And also, the fast waning popularity of President Buhari was largely attributed to keeping mute, showing nonchalant attitudes to address and calm the nation in times of grief or national disaster – which allegedly indicates that he isn’t a silver-tongued leader.

As presidential dancing steps are moving to the edge of the cliffs, President Muhammad Buhari and his henchmen have extra-time to provide a credible response to the spate of the massacre in the country.

Otherwise, the book of history is still wide open, is left for Mr President to choose the inks which his legacy should be written – the golden one or the muddy ink.

Mr President, Nigerians are tired of doubly fearful of insecurity and uncertainty.

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