Mother like no other, Barrister Hauwa Bello Abubakar (1969 -2020)


By Jaziuli Lawan Gwarzo

Barrister Hauwa Bello Abubakar ( Mama Kuye) 1969 – 2020

We are from Allah and unto Him we return. O Allah take me out of my plight and bring to me after it something better.

It all started on Friday 17th July 2020, I left my phone to charge as I took a walk around 10pm. I got engaged with a friend with whom I chatted and stayed out longer than I should have. Upon my return, my wife said to me “Abba ( Senator Bello Hayatu) has called you severally” immediately I called him back because I suspected something was wrong. I asked, Sir (Ranka ya dade) hope all is well? He said “it’s your mother” ( my heart broke) I immediately asked what about her? he said it’s normal but she was billed to undergo a Surgery.

The doctors had requested 6 ampules of Vasopressin injection and we can not get it here in kano so I decided to ask weather u can get it in Lagos and allready Halifa had sent the injection name to your line, I said in shock; innalillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun. I swung into action immediately even though it was during the Covid-19 lockdown. I hurriedly got Health Plus Pharmacy in Ikeja, good enough they ran a 24hr service.

Sadly, they did not have the requested injections. However, the attendant suggested we tried their branch in Victoria Island. She was kind enough to put a call through to the Victoria Island Branch but unfortunately they too were out of stock. Meanwhile, I had started making some alternative arrangements which were still fruitless after which I called back that the injection was not available.

Now in a confused state, I had to call a friend and confidant Dr Balla and enquire about the said injection. He explained to me comprehensively, all this happened late in the night, it was past 2am I called Kano to find out how far they had gone in getting the injection? I was happily informed that it was ready for delivery from Abuja, I had a sigh of relief; Alhamdulillah one down.

Ironically, my fear was not about getting the injection but the whole Surgical Process itself, because the last time I discussed with Mama she had informed me about the Surgery after her diagnosis. I was not happy but she tried to convince me in her usual way of leaving everything in the hand of Almighty Allah, I immediately told my little daughter Zara (who was always waiting for my arrival in kano to take her to Mama for a visit) that she should pray for Mama because she is sick which she obliged.

Thereafter I continued to pray for her wishing for a miracle from Allmighty ALLAH that even the Surgery would be called off completely and that she will be absolutely fine. Interestingly Mama had a very successful Surgery and started recovering very fast. Post Surgery I visited her every other week. The last visit we discussed at length during which she assured me that for 3 days now she had not taken even paracetamol, that she was completely alright.

ALHAMDULILLAH I left her bubbling in good health which in turn made me very happy, even some 20 hours before she died I called and we discussed at length again about the happenings in Lagos and how I missed my flight to Kano before the curfew and she advised me to stay at home and that Allah was with me.

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun who will restore such confidence in me in difficult situations like now?

Indeed I Lost not only a mother but also a Teacher, Confidant, Chief advisor, Mentor and above all the Family’s strong wall has fallen.

In my life I hardly see strong women who exhibit strong commitments and perseverance like Mama. Right from her education from Aminu kano college of legal studies to Bayero University up to Nigerian Law school Lagos, because she attended all these schools from her matrimonial home, in addition it was during these struggle that she gave birth to all her four children.

After becoming a qualified lawyer she returned to her matrimonial home without working or even thinking about it, she continued struggling with the little business that can be done indoors, where she thought us the real meaning of life and life struggles, that made us independent in our life, from education to the little businesses she engaged us, I remember late 90s to early 2000 she taught me how to recite Qur’an especially from her cassettes archives ranging from Sheik Sudais,Shuraim and Ali Huzaifi, we read 2 chapters or more daily during Ramadan and complete at the end of the Holy month.

I have never seen a woman in possession of Sheik Jaafar’s Collection like Mama, Umar Sani fagge etc. No wonder she died a learned person whose knowledge can be seen through her life without saying a word.

Mama was very obedient to who ever is her senior and respect even the house maids. I never heard her quarelling with anyone.

That’s why she was called Mama by all and Sundry including her husband. She respected and obeyed her husband more than I have ever seen and always striking balance between her children and their father, I remembered when she was telling them that your father has never failed in carrying out his responsibilities on you even for once! That is why even the way she packs his food for him he understood one hand, I was shocked once he opened his food he will directly say this is not cooked by Mama I asked myself why? Because even the way she packed his food was different.

You understand people more when u embark on a journey with them, I travelled wide and far With Mama and she remain the same home and away.

I travelled to many Hajj and Umrah with her, and they happened to be the best for me she thought me all that i need to know. I remembered my Last visit to Dubai with a friend I met her there she sent Yahya to pick us from the Airport immediately we arrived to ease our suffering and she offered us a king size Reception.

We missed each other in Niger republic during Senator’s Doctored Degree, yet my room was empty with my food intact even in my absence, Some of the memories that will forever remain with me.

In 1999 the whole house was ready to move to Abuja, but because of her foresight she said no, we were not happy and asked why? She said Kano schools are better than Abuja owned especially Islamiya schools, no wonder today Zainab,Hayatu, Ummulkhayr, and Amina arevqualified Engr, Medical Doctor, and Pharmacist, even your House helps today are graduate and undergraduates,Alhamdulillah, courtesy to your foresight.

Mama you have left an indelible mark in my life especially during my wedding the motherly role you played and your continued guidance and support, how can I forget even the last 2 weeks when you bought Ram for my forth son? I asked Mama why? You said because I’m alive healthy and hearty!
How can I forget the moment you followed me to Cabinet office in Kano Govt House and persuaded My Uncle (then permanent Secretary Special duties to meet some doctors in Aminu kano?
How can I forget the day My Aunty gave birth to her first Child immediately after the death of their mother?

You were always ready to save me at all situations no wonder all my associate knows you directly.

Mama is highly trustworthy who is not afraid of saying the truth no matter who is involved, simple person in relationships who always settled with people without ego, she always cautioned me not to quarrel with anyone ( Jazuli a rinka Hakuri, rayuwar guda nawa take) meaning u should be patient how long are we going to live? Unknown to me that she will not stay longer. She told me If you allowed anyone to abuse you he has cheated you, pls leave them don’t talk to them. I will always remember your advice(s) InshaAllah

May Allmighty ALLAH guide what you left behind, may Allmighty ALLAH Grant us to copy from your good deeds, may Allmighty ALLAH comfort what you left behind especially your elderly mother, Your Husband, Your children relatives, friends and all your adopted children’s.

May Almighty Allah Grant you Firdausil-aala.O Allah, forgive her and have mercy on her and give her strength and pardon her. Be generous to her and cause her entrance to be wide and wash her with water and snow and hail.

Cleanse her of her transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give her an abode better than her home, and a family better than her family and a wife better than her Husband. Take hee into Paradise and protect her from the punishment of the grave (and from the punishment of Hell-fire).

Jazuli Lawan Gwarzo (Dan Mama)

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