#EndSARS Protests: Why we refused to join our counterparts


BY Muhammad Bashir Salisu

As a student of history, i can authoritatively argue that Nigeria has always been divided. Too many at time we try to convince ourselves that we are United but, we are not. There has never been a time when Nigeria is United and all effort to Unite Nigeria have not worked.

The truth is Nigerian unity doesn’t go beyond the word ‘Nigeria’, besides almost everybody sees his fellow tribesman as his only true brother. If after 60years of Independence, Nigerians do not see themselves as one national family bonded by nationhood, trust and Understanding, then how many more years do we need to truly become United?

We make numerious adverts or publications to emphasis our unity but indeed in our minds mind we know the truth. This is the primary reason why some genuinely believe that the solution to all these is disintegration. It appears, we are actually confused as to what we really want, probably that’s why we haven’t make the progress we should make.

Nigeria has always killed its people.’ due to the violent attacks on security officers by the terrorists and the attacks on innocent Nigerians by the security who are the enamies of the country. Unfortunately, we’ve never seen a government that function effectively to address the menace.

Since after the demise of the first republic, the Hausas and Igbos became enemies and there has never been love, trust, Understanding and or Unity among us. It is just a marriage of inconveniences. There common enmity between the Hausas and Igbos in Nigeria has always been glaring.

Religious conflict in Nigeria dates as far back as 1953. The Igbo massacre of 1966 in the North that followed the counter-coup of the same year had as a dual cause the Igbo officers’ coup and pre-existing (sectarian) tensions between the Igbos and the local Muslims. This was a major factor in the Biafran secession and the resulting civil war.

Sometimes we used to think there is love and Unity when we meets in a national assignment interact happy with each other. We play, eat and dance together. We respect, trust and fully supported each other. But all that is within a very short period of time.

I could remember when i went to Abia state for my national service, i met a lot of good friends. I even posted on social media how the Igbos welcomed me and i was made the governor of my hostel. I led my platoon in a debate and i was amzed by the kind gesture. Unfortunately immediately i went back to my room that night, they proved me wrong.

But in all I’m saying, i am particularly referring to the majority of both sides, for we do have people who’s hearts are pure and doesn’t hold any grudges against each other. There are minority Igbos that doesn’t discriminate made us forget our differences.

I also read that In Kano, a committee was constituted under the leadership of Dr Uba Adamu who renovated Igbo properties vandalised during the civil war and returned them to Igbos after the war. But their properties in Port Harcourt were not given to them till date. That’s to tell you that we have among us our real enamies.

No right thinking individual would celebrate the death of another irrespective of who he is. The Fulanis that mascared people in Katsina and Sokoto States and more than 80% members of BH members are from the north, they claimed to be Muslims all of them. But, we want them killed.

This is because we are not in support of their actions and never consider them to part of us. But unfortunately in all that happened the National Flag did not bleed. There was never any harshtags from the East, to stop the killing and combat the terrorists. Why? Because, the northerners are killing each other.

After years of fighting, the insurgents became increasingly aggressive, and started to seize large areas in northeastern Nigeria. The terrorists kill thausands of Muslims and made hundreds of thousands homeless. But they also kill Christians and attack them in their places of worship.

Northwest Nigeria, which used to be the bastion of security and stability, has been hit hard by rural banditry. All these, doesn’t have anything to do with the south because, it’s peculiarly a North issue. So they remained quite and did not even sympathize with us, some of them even mocked us.

Now they are calling on the government to end what they call ‘Police brutality’ and we refused to join them. Nigerian forces killed many protesters and the northerners did not comment on it. How are we one?

I choose to be a deliberate, conscious optimist.  This is not to say that i suggest we ought to ignore the dangers and reality that we cofront. know it is an extremely difficult goal to attain, but if we put our differences aside jusk India have done, we can be one someday. Until then, NIGERIA is never one.

Muhammad Basheer Salisu

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