On Independence Day: Gagarawa celebrates another Independence on Electricity

By Abbas Nasidi Musa
The good people of Gagarawa local government celebrated two Independence, today been 1st October, 2020 is another unique day in our nation’s history as it marks the day Nigeria got her Independence from the hands of colonial Masters, on the same day the people of Gagarawa also celebrates another independence on electricity after spending several years without light.
The 20 years old Energized 132/33kV Substation project situated in Gagarawa local government is now completed. The project was approved under the Abacha’s government and Gagarawa was chosen as location by Late Major-Gen. Ibrahim Dashiru Gumel, former Minister of transportation. He’s popularly known as Ibra Soja, until his death he had been a supportive pillar to the local government and had contributed alot to it’s growth and development. After his death, the project was abondoned and the funds for it were diverted. May he continue to rest in a perfect peace.
Thanks to the coming of the able Honorable, Muhammad Sani Zorro who used his office as a Member House of Representative to trace the project back. His leadership style was exceptional, one thing I cherished Hon Zorro with, is his selfless service, he always put national interest above his own personal interest. He’s a man of integrity that always keep his words no matter what.
The history of Gagarawa will never be complete without mentioning these two personalities.
We also appreciate the effort of Jigawa State Governor, His Excellency Muhammad Badaru Abubakar for putting pressure on the contractors. He dedicated his time visiting the place and he’s never rested untill the completion of the project. It’s indeed a job weldone.
I must commend the effort made by the Executive Chairman, Hon Ibrahim Yau Gagarawa to see that the electricity is connected to the town. It’s a great job.
About six local governments will benefit from the power station comprising of Gagarawa, Gumel, Taura, Babura, Maigatari and Ringim local councils. May we live long and benefits from it.
Abbas Nasidi Musa

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