Kano installs 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras to curb crime


The Kano State Government has installed surveillance cameras in the metropolis and environs to curb incessant crimes in the state.

The installed CCTV cameras across the state will be providing 24/7 video surveillance of streets, roads, markets, junctions and many areas of interest.
Mr Onyedika Ugochukwu, Managing Director of
Vestigio Technology Solutions Ltd, told reporters in Kano on Tuesday when inspecting the project.
Ugochukwu thanked the Government of Kano State for the unique opportunity to work together to create world class value for the people.
He also debunked reports in one online media that the recent trending video of a CCTV control room in Kano State belongs to another state in the federation.
Mr Ugochukwu stated that the reports are false, clear misinformation and mis-representation of the facts.
He also pledged to deliver a golden legacy and foundation upon which the future of Kano State is assured in Security, Prosperity and Development.
He said the installed CCTV cameras across Kano are currently ongoing, many of these cameras are indeed in operation and are both visible and hidden to the public.
According to him, Police Patrol vehicles and Ambulances shall be provided in an innovative and creative structure.
Also, assured to deliver effective 24/7 First Responder Emergency services to the good people of Kano State and all its residents and investors.

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