CEHUB: CEHUB Set To Launch Operations On Monday 31 August


An Arewa based blog company, Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (CEHUB) has on Monday announced that all arrangements have been done to kick off it’s blogging activities.

The platform according to a statement signed by Mr Bilal Abdullahi, the Chief Executive Officer and issued to PRIME TIME NEWS on Monday was aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs especially students.

“The blog promises to be one of the best in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship.”

“CEHUB differs from other blogs as it tends to be more focused on promoting students’ entrepreneurship in a way to provide solutions to unemployment in the country.”

On the launch of the blog. Mr Bilal Abdullahi (CEO) said “Announcing the launch of the blog is one of the proudest moments of his life”. We are embarking on a project under an exciting niche. This blog will be one of the best blogs in Nigeria.

The blog will also encourage the art of entrepreneurship amongst students and youths about Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (cehub): cehub is a blog dedicated to finding and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Cehub is determined to train and promote entrepreneurs with a clear mindset to succeed. We believe that entrepreneurship is the key and solution to economic growth and job creation.”

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