BREAKING : Woman dies after 3 days confined by husband in Kano

The Kano State police Command have uncovered the corpse of a woman unlawfully confined for 3 days by her husband.

The incident occurred at Mariri quarters in Kumbotso local government in Kano metropolis.

The woman has been uncovered locked up in a solitary room by her husband for three days.

The woman was said to have lost her life due to the confinement.

It was also informed that the corpse which has since begun to smell a rat by her neighbors who in turn alerted the Police.

Residents reportedly called the police who quickly arrested the husband.

The woman was said to have been tight with rope by her husband who also locked her in a room for many days.

Reports said the husband tight her with rope and locked her in a room without food and water for many days which led to her death.

It was also informed that the passer-by observed some rot smelt around the residence and quickly alerted the police who successfully picked up the husband from his business place at Mariri market.

The source also revealed that the police forced the man to open the house in search of the smelt and found out that his wife was tight with rope and died for days which caused the rot smelt in the area.

Spokesman of the Police in Kano, Mr Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa confirmed the incident to PRIME TIME NEWS on Friday evening .

Haruna, a Deputy Superintendent of Police said the body of the dead wife was taken to hospital, assured that full details will be available to the public.

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