Social Media Trends for Thursday 20th August 2020


Community Policing

The Federal Goverment’s approval of N13.3bn for the take-off of Community Policing has continued to generate reactions from the public.

While some commended the Buhari-led administration for the move to further safeguard the lives and property of the populace, others requested that the Goverment followed through to ensure that the money approved is properly utilized to improve the current security situation in the country.

First class

Twitter was awash with arguements as to whether a First Class result was a big deal or not. The conversation was triggered by the news that Babcock University produced 66 First Class graduates.

While some said they will go for a First Class/Distinction any day due to the boundless opportunities it avails, others said hard-work mattered most as a First Class degree wasn’t a guarantee for success.


The social media space was literally set ablaze following the resolve of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to withdraw the invitation of Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai.

While some Twitter users hailed the decision on the grounds of poor human rights record, others said the Governor, likewise, had the right to withdraw the permit for the conference in Kaduna State.

Marian Market

People have decried the incessant fire outbreak in a popular market in Calabar after videos showing a section of the market being gutted by fire, went viral on social media.

Those who reacted, said that the incident which occurred on Wednesday night, was the second in the space of two months.

While many blamed the Fire Service for the slow response, others hailed the firefighters who were said to have managed to contain the inferno, despite their glaring inefficiency.

Mamman Daura

The news about Mamman Daura reportedly being flown abroad for urgent medical attention has generated mixed reactions on social media.

While some Nigerians wished the President’s nephew a quick recovery, others however received the news with glee.


The passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill will restructure NNPC, DPR, and create new agencies with more responsibilities.

This was the collective view of a cross-section of Nigerians, who trended the NigeriaNeedsPIB hashtag on Twitter.

They said that for many years, Nigeria’s oil and gas resources management has faced several setbacks, resulting to lack of development and increased poverty rate in the country.

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