Alleged Sex Embrassment: Group urges Security Agencies to grill former NDDC boss

By Ibrahim Sidi KAULAHI, Gusau
The Non Governmental Movement for National Accommodation and Consensus for Continuity (MONACCO), has called on the security agencies to for the sake ensuring smooth investigations into financial scandals surrounding NNDC, should arrest and investigate former NNDC’s claim of sex embrassment by Senator Akpabio.
According to the National President of MONACCO, Salisu Isa Gusau, the sex embrassment allegation by the former NDDC boss, Joy Nunieh, was deliberately aimed at derailing efforts by the concerned bodies to unmask all enveloped illicit transactions that crippled the NDDC’s coffer.
“For a person to claim sex embrassment, it means total down of personality and attempt to smear good image of a person involved especially as claimed by Joy Nunieh that, Senator Akpabio was witch hunting her for refusal to allow him to sleep with her.
“Legal action must be taken, Joy Nunieh’s claim against the personality of Senator Godswill Akpabio should not be under rated, should she fails to prove her claim, she must not go unpunished because, it was crystal clear, either it was done to divert the attention of forensic auditing.
The MONACCO President further challenged that, the former NDDC boss must provide formidable evidences that, Senator Akpabio had ever attempted to persuade and sleep with her, or else, the claim itself will be seen as empty attempt to escape the ongoing forensic investigations.
Meanwhile, Salisu Gusau called on the Presidency, to with immediate effect, intervene and stop the House of Representatives from investigating into financial crisis that rocked the NDDC, adding that, “Senator Akpabio had claimed that, 60 percent of the contracts under NDDC were awarded to members of the House Representatives.
“One could not be indicted in a particular case and at the same time take the judgment role, but should be legally handled by any neutral body. Like it was the case on this matter, members of the House of Representatives were fingered by Senator Akpabio”, Isa Gusau has stressed.
He emphasized that, a guilty of any committed offence can not be a judge and punish himself in the end, but rather would embark on steps that would facilitate his exoneration through illegal use of powers conferred on the position he holds.

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