500 young Girls in kano receives sanitary pad, soaps


By Hannatu Suleiman Abba.

A consortium of concerned organization in Kano state named Accountability Mechanism of maternal and child health care (AMMKAS), friend of the community organization (FOCO) led by Community Health Research Intiative reached, support and sensitizes over 500 young adolescent girls about menstural hygiene information,sanitary pad, soaps and uses of facemask In three communities in the state ,which include Gama ,sheka, dorayi and Tokarawa town.

The main objective of this intiative is to change the lives of 10,000 young adolescent girls that were at the age of 12- 20 which undergo such problem while having their monthly menstural period and find it very difficult to mingle or interact with their peer group within the society.

In a recent report says, Alot of young adolescent girls child at the age of 12-20 living in the Rural Northern part of the country lack the knowledge and Awareness on how to maintain themselves during the menstural period, some can’t even go to school or mingle around because they lack the knowledge and awareness on hygienic guide on menstural period,even though they used the local method by putting local stuff,that will help them to avoid been stained, and at a result of this act, may lead them to came across several infected diseases.

However,the founder of saving the women and girls child intiative, zainab Ahmad Nasser,added that the intervention of supporting the young adolescent girls child is to put a smile on each girls face mostly those that had their period and feel shy to confront or express themselves to their parents,we also sensitizes them on how protect themselves from rapist and covid 19 pandemic.

Rahama Muktar Adam from Gama who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries also said “we don’t have room to express ourselves regards to this issue with our parents because the shyness bond is in our cultural norns,and thanks to CHR for giving us this immense sensitization on how to make our selves clean while having our mensturation.
Suwaiba usman from Dorayi karama also lamented that “I learned a lot which I never expect,I don’t even know am killing myself when using all those local stuff for been avoid stained while having my monthly period” sheka benefiarier Name maimuna Muhammad says,what I learned about this sensitization has never been told to me by my mum,she often give me a clean clothes rag to put ,which she says is more healthy and hygienic but due to this awareness by CHR,I will save money to buy pad every month,this will make me more healthy and avoid been infected from diseases.

Maryam Muhammad from tokarawa town utter that,we that live in the rural town often got married between those age,and this kind of sensitization is rare in our mist ,not even with our parents,ending up having problem with our spouses.

Moreover, the head district of Gama ‘A’ Alhaji Muhammad Rabiu isyaku also said , what CHR has done to the society, indeed has promote lives of the younger adolescent girls of his district ,we lack such knowledge and awareness from our society ,the girls faces alot of challenges with their parents regards to menstural educational,they See’s it as a shyfull communication,as a result of this they fell into many obtacles within their peer group and even when they got into marital bond., We hope the government and other stakeholders to look forward to assist the young adolescent girls for such support and awareness in our society.

In this remarks also,the head district of Tokarawa town, Alhaji yakubu Usman says “when we heard of this intiative by CHR In our community,I became delight as i gave an instruction to go door to door,and also to announce at the mosques to inform them of the immense intiative that will help the Young adolescent girls in my community,we very much lacked this awareness and sensitization around or within our community.CHR Is always welcome I our society,we need their support,and will give them all the maximum support they wanted from different angle.

A member of AMMKAS and Veteran journalist Nafisa Ahmad murtala urge the young girls to share the knowledge they learnt during the sensitization within their peer groups and to report or visit hospital if they witness any symbols during or after their menstual period.”

The Awareness and the distribution crew include some Non government organization such as Accountability mechanism for maternal and child health Care Kano(AMMKAS) Friends of the community organization (FOCO) along with some journalists in the state.

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