Family Planning: Child-bearing mothers, needs birth spacing to remain healthy, says Sheikh Sale Pakistan


By Adamu Aminu

As previously and incorrectly perceived by numerous people about the issue of family planning, whereby the concept is still sighted by some as a well-crafted conspiracy to reduce the population growth more especially in the less developing countries.

The dawn of reality is gradually emerging with regards to change in people’s perception of the issue of the child-birth spacing.

This is due to stakeholders untiring advocacy and widespread enlightenment from the community leaders and religious clerics calling on the general public to do away with the wrong mentality attached to family planning.

As put by, Kano Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abdullahi Sale Pakistan during advocacy visit in his office on Monday by members of Kano Family Planning Interfaith Forum, says childbirth, spacing is legitimate in Islam, in order to keep nursing-mothers, their babies grew in healthy living requirement.

“More so, the father would avoid undue anxiety towards taking huge family responsibility as a result of seamless childbirth” Pakistan strengthened.

Sheikh Abdullahi Pakistan, who is the chairman of Jama’atul Izalatul Bidi’a Wa’ikamatusunnah ( JIBWIS) Kano state branch added that is entirely prohibited for a Muslims to specify the limitation of the children wish to reproduce.

” Just for fear of poverty or apprehensive of life’s unforeseen eventualities” he added.

Sheikh Saleh Pakistan added that gone were the days when the health stakeholders are sceptical and tip-toeing to confront people with this issue, he said that as time passed-by, almost majority of are well enlighted on child-birth spacing as a result of intensive advocacy.

While commenting on coronavirus pandemic, Sheikh Pakistan noted that health officials and religious clerics particularly in Kano did their best under one, common voice, to mobilise the public on the threats and how to avoid being affected by the novel plague – COVID-19

He later advised the members of Kano Family Planning InterfaithForum to work hand-in-hand with the state spiritual leaders, from the various sect, in order to convince their teeming followers.

Earlier, the representative of The Challenge Initiatves TCI Musa Abdullahi Sufi in his remark, said the motive of the visit, being the last lap of it’s kind to three selected religious clerics in the state, is to solicits their cooperation and compliments the efforts of an on-going crusade to convince the people under the facade of Islamic perspective.

Also in his remark, the secretary of Interfaith forum, Mallam Tijjani Ahmad expressed his joy for the warm reception offered to the forum

Adding that no stone would be left unturned in working assiduously with religious leaders towards mobilising people to understand the advantage of family planning, when it is applicable in Islamic perspective.

At the end of the visit, Musa Sufi of TCIhanded various publications on childbirth spacing to Sheikh Pakistan, while smiling pleasantries were exchanged and photographs were taken to make the visit indelible memorable.

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