JUST IN: Rainstorm knocks down Channel TV mast in Kano


Rainstorm has knocked down the Channel TV mast in Kano as a result of high wind amidst rain.

Mr Lawan Muhammad  told PRIME TIME NEWS on Saturday that the “The gusty wind has knocked down the Channel TV  antenna. The neighborhood houses also damaged as the towers crashed on its roof”.

He said, there is no human casualty in the incident.   

The rainstorm, which started around 7.45pm, was characterised by strong wind that lasted about 30 minutes.

The rainstorm left in its wake damaged  buildings, electrical poles and wires and billboards, and some residents of Farm  centre area in Tarauni and other towns counting their losses.

Beside the mast, the rainstorm destroyed the makeshift, mosques and blocked the road leading to Farm centre from Marhaba Cinema. 

Details follow

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