Almustapha: I still detest ceding of Bakassi to Cameroun by Obj

The Chief Security Officer  to the Former Military Head of State, Late General Sani Abacha,  Major Hamza Al Mustapha has said that if there is anything that he still detests since the demise of his boss is the ceeding of the Bakassi Peninsula to the Republic of Cameroon on the platter of gold by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
Mustapha who spoke in Kano on Monday during 22 years Commemoration of Late General Sani Abacha  said he is quite aware of the conspiracy involved by some  unpatriotic Nigerians who conspired with forein forces to deprived Nigeria of Oil rich  Bakassi Peninsula.
“I participated in the war  for good two years in Bakassi I am quite aware of the quatum of crude oil deposit laying there especially the amount of crude oil deposit in Bakassi which is by far more than what obtained in the present day Nigeria.”
Mustapha who described the death of General Sani Abacha as a big loss to the nation also said his late boss is deliberately being attacked and  black painted by some disgruntled elements who always portray his bad side to the public hiding the good side.
He said what Abacha has done to Nigeria will forever not be forgotten in the anals of history and generations yet unborn.
According to him, the late Abacha came and found only  N200m dollars in the Foreign Reserved and before his demise he was abled to revamp the economy and stablised it to the extent that he saved over Nine Hundred billion dollars in foreign reserved before his death.
He said during the Abacha government the dollar was sold at only Eighty five Naira or there about and there was no inflation despite all the problems and challenges confronting the government many business men have made huge  Money due to the stabilisation of the economy.
Mustapha said only God will reward General Sani Abacha for the laudable initiative he made in transforming the Country to an enviable height.

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