COVID-19: Jos traders make brisk sales via social media


social media platforms during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the state.


One of them, Mrs Dinatu Pam, said she was selling between 15 and 20 bags of tomatoes, onions and Irish potatoes online on daily basis.


“Before the outbreak of the pandemic I was selling an average of 3 bags daily; patronage was very low, then, but the pandemic has given me a very big market.


“I go to Bokkos to buy potatoes to send to my customers in Benue and other neighbouring states after online booking and payments had been made.


”I sell close to 20 bags of potatoes and onions and 10 baskets of tomatoes daily using Facebook,” Pam said.


Another seller, Mrs Tenni Adamu, told NAN that she had been able to display her commodities on Facebook platform and had so far sold a huge stocks of them.


“When a friend told me to do my business online I was skeptical about the whole thing but now I sell tomatoes, grains and it is highly profitable,”Adamu said.


Bola Ayinde, a tailor said that as a result of the pandemic people stopped making new clothes but that face mask making had opened a new opportunity for her.


“Before, I was making between 4 and 6 face masks and selling to my friends and neighbours daily, but a friend told me to put it on my WhatsApp, and since then, some many people started placing orders and now I sell between 15 and 20 face masks daily,” Ayinde said.


Another trader, James Okoh, who sells electronics, said before the pandemic, he was struggling with getting his consignment to  the market.


“I casually put my products on WhatsApp and now I get alert from my bank, all I worry about now is how to get the products across to them,”Okoh said.


Mrs Jumai Hassan who sells bread said that before COVID-19, she was almost running out of business but that during the lockdown, she was advised by a friend to use social media platforms to advertise.


“It is amazing how this things work, right now, I sell close to 50 loaves daily and still can’t meet up with the demands,” Hassan said.

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