KASCO denies producing adulterated fertilizer


The Managing Director of Kano state Agricultural Company Limited (KASCO), Comrade Bala Inuwa has denied that the state-owned fertiliser company, produces sub-standard or adulterated fertilizer.

Comrade Bala told PRIME TIME NEWS on Sunday in Kano, said a video being circulated on social media against the company was concocted by the enemies of progress.

He attributed the development to a pending issue which has been generating interest between the company and collateral managers based in the company.

Bala said  the collateral managers are those employed by NAIC-NPK Limited to ensure compliance with regard to the security of raw-materials supplied to the company for production of NPK20:10:10.

He disclosed that last year the company processed over 50,000 metric tons of NPK20:10:10 without any issue on quality and the security of raw-materials, noting that the issue concerning the alleged suspension of the production of the commodity started in the 2020 production season which began on March 26.

The Managing Director said since they started the production of the commodity this year, over 20,000 metric tons NPK20:10:10 have been produced and sold, while over N2.75 billion has been remitted to the NAIC-NPK Limited.

The company’s chief executive added that in the north -west the quality of the company’s product is widely accepted by the farming community, making the company `s product premium among dealers in the region.

He also pointed out that because of the high quality of the company `s products, his management is aware of on-going attempts to adulterate its products, such as the NPK20:10:10, which informed a report forwarded to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on the incident.

He stated that the EFCC has already commenced full investigation into the adulteration of the companys NPK20:10:10 product, and even the Fertilizers Producers Association of Nigerias committee on fertilizer adulteration has reported those found to be involved to the appropriate authorities.

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