How Academia (Lecturers) contributes in destroying Nigeria, but there is a way…


By Musa Abdullahi Sufi

Many Nigerian lecturers contributed and contenting in the current state of mostly visionless leaders maintaining power and, by mainly focusing lectures on emphasizing the high level of corruptions, poor and bad governance, poverty, unemployment etc This s also frequent in almost every lecture. Yes, Talking about this is very important but there are other parts that are missing.

One of this reason is the frequent emphasis of bad scenarios about our nation that is leading students including us to unconditionally hate and distancing ourselves to participate in government, in fact we hate and misunderstood government due to such brainwashed. But even the lecturer may not be aware of the long term implications of such.

The second reason could be, while they (Academia) succeeds in creating gap between students, graduates with government, shaping students to be be anti government in almost whatever the government is doing so successful. In the process the students and graduated do not even care to know the policy and or being analytically objective critics on any development or policy matter in most cases.

Thirdly, there is failure or less efforts in exposing or empowering the students and general public towards learning good governance skills and approaches and motivate intention to join government to be change makers strategically.

However, it is not too late, the present lecturers and true activists including advocates can helps in striking the balance by making students informed and internationally passionate to be part of the reform than putting more energy in condemning, abusing, sharing bad and fake news while silent on good plans due to sensationally imposed hate as earlier highlighted.

There are couple of lecturers I know and I am sure you too know some who are passionate to talk and participate on issues for batter Nigeria via sharing learning that works in some countries but they are few.

Let’s join hand together and build students and community with patriotism and nationalism for inclusive sustainable development Nigeria 🇳🇬 . We all have a stake in building this country. The truth is, without building a passionate patriotic and nationalist graduates and especially supported to join into political positions and government offices with mentoring, the reform we are yearning. Could be difficult to achieve fast and easy.

I am one of the few volunteer and seasonal lecturers in northern Nigeria for over 17 years and my students can testify my main areas of focus that include, patriotism, volunteering , humanitarian, nationalism, advocacy, emotional intelligence, be fair and just etc. Yes, I might be in same wagon earlier until when I recognized the faulty approach and quickly improved.

My take.

Musa Abdullahi Sufi

Kano, Nigeria


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