Please! say no to rape, it’s on the prowl


By Fatimah Murtala

My mothers are not safe, my sisters also, neither am i, for i am a victim, and who say i am free, and won’t be hurt again.

I have been told to keep shut as i carry the mark of a poor Nigerian, every day i still see me bleed, i still hear me crying in pain. I see stigma in the eyes of my neighbors.

I walk and feel my legs apart, I live in fear and when I see a masculine gender, I tremble. I no longer sleep at night, for if i close my eyes, all i see is that day, the day i was forcefully denied of my virginity.

I was told another girl was raped, but this time, she wouldn’t experience all i have been through, because, she can’t breathe no more, she won’t be able to say the word help no more, she won’t cry out for been a girl, because she has beeen denied her life and the right to life and now laid to rest.

But i fear, has she really laid to rest, or the torment sticks to her garment, will she forget the pain, or pay for have been created a girl?

Now when I see mother’s in joy, holding babies, up and down with a beautiful diaper around the baby’s waist, while the baby giggles with lots of love and trust from her heart, which can being seen in her eyes.

The way she stretches her arm to her mum alone, believing only her mum can guarantee her security scares me.

Who says are mum is safe and free from rape, and who says her diapers could save her, were they safe to have being created in the feminine gender, I ask myself.

I decided to go beyond the walls of my country, but I found out it wasn’t greener on the other side too. Are you aware of how many girls are raped by their fathers, brothers, relatives and friends on daily basis in India and other parts of the world?

Are you aware a particular girl can get raped over and over again without anything being done and majority die in the process, some lost their decency in the process, and all that has been raped live with the memory forever?

As my eyes get weary, and eventually closed to a sin that torments my gender, i hold within me a candle to light at night, while kneeling to my maker, seeking His help to heal the world and make every female soul safe and free from Rape.

Fatimah Muritala writes from Kano state.

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