The Irony of hope in Nigeria


By Aliyu Ishaq Abdullahi
I.G: aliyuchap
Hope is an essential element of human existence. Hope is what keep man pushing and struggling to achieve is dream. Hope is what keep Nigeria as a common entity. Many Nigerians could not even live a life of peace without having hope deep inside their heart.

Life is unpredictable, hard and quite notorious if you find yourself in Nigeria. Things go out of hand and beyond our control many times in Nigeria. However hope keep us together. The essence of the life of a typical Nigerian is to keep his/hers wide open for an improve future and a better Nigeria. No doubt that our Nationalist since independent have continue to preach their hope for a better future tommorow.

This summation above had made many writers  to assert that Nigerian citizens are the most hopeful citizens in the world. More so, religion and culture has also contributed immensely to shape the behavior of most Nigerians and make Nigerians to believe that Nigeria will one day be better. This have made people like Mike Omoleye to put it this way.

      “After rains comes sunshine; After Darkness comes comes the glorious Dawn, their is no sorrow without it alloy of joy, their is no joy without it’s admixture of sorrow, behind the ugly terribly mask of misfortune lies the beautiful soothing countenance of prosperity. So, tear the mask!!”

However,  ever Nigerian gain independence, a lot of mask had been torn, but yet the hope of Nigerian keep diminishing. Many Nigerians have praised their past leaders better than the presence.

1999 in Nigeria was another year of hope, because it was the beginning of a new Dawn in the country. A Dawn that usher in the fourth republic with a new democratic leader assuming the office of the presidency. The hope of Nigerians began to fade away when the citizens of the country began to show their dissatisfaction on National issues such as insecurities, unemployment, bad governance you name it.

As a student of political science one thing that baffles me and make me think critically about this lovely country is that numerous Academician, writers, policy makers have written enormously about the problem of Nigeria and have also recommend some panacea to those problem but yet Nigerian leader have failed to get it right. People like Claude Ake, Chinue Achebe, Wole soyinka and professor Attahiru Jega have contribute their quoter in their write up. My question is when are we going to get it Right in Nigeria? May be very soon. That is what we call hope.

Furthermore, the 2015 general election which usher in PMB administration revived the hope of Nigerians once again. This is because, many Nigerians voted for him, they have hope in him, they believe is the right man that could change the Fortune of Nigeria. Even I the writer  was not an exception to the notion above. I could remember vividly when PMB won the 2015 election I celebrated him and even go to the extent of telling my friends that since PMB have won a bag of rice would be sold at N5000  one litre of petrol will be sold at N40 to N45 thereabout. All this are my presumption of PMB administration and I believe many Nigerians have same hope. 

Consciously on the other hand, as a student of political science, I was meant to understand that change is not an easy task. It does not come from the transformation of one political party to another. Just like how PDP transform to APC. Change does not come from conservative, change does not come from change promises. However, change comes from the resistance, the revolutionary leaders, the radical Democrat, and Vibrant citizens who are willing to sacrifice their happiness for a better tommorow.

You may not understand me and some may even misinterpret what I meant but student of Antonio Gramsci will understand what I mean by Radical Democratic leaders. I believe with such kind of leaders and citizens we can truely celebrate Nigeria as a better country.

Since hope is the driven motive of our existence as Nigerians. I want to call upon the youth of this great nation that we should not give up for a better tomorrow. I know how most of Nigerians youth feel to be part of this country, sometimes we feel like giving up, sometimes we say Ill of our leaders. But hope get us stick to one another. You may not believe what am saying but for me their is a revived hope once again in NIGERIA. With Radical Democratic leaders like Professor Babagana Umaru Zulum, Professor Ben Ayade,  Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Professor Attahiru Jega  professor Charles Soludo. and probably some other few Nigerian who have made their actions speak about them.  We are surely  going to get it right in Nigeria. I have hope in those  people I mentioned because of the fact that they have impacted enormously in their community and have established their radical leadership style beyond many leaders in this country. Moreso I believe that Nigeria as a country will change only when members of ethnic group feel happy among themselves, if they are free, within prescribe limit to order their own lives and advance their culture as they like; and if the solidarity and devotion exhibited within their ranks can be sublimated to the cause of the nation.


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