Saudi Arabia Outlines New Rules Of Entering Holy Mosques, Opens Only 11 Gates


By Muhammad Bashir

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have said that all preparations for reopenning Holy Mosque in Makkah had reached climax and worshippers would only be allowed in, through some specified Gates.

The authorities of Saudi made this known today on their official Twitter handle, @HaramainInfo that men shalt only be allowed to get into Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid An Nabawi) through
1. Al-Hijrah Gate 4
2. Quba Gate 5
3. King Saud Gate 8
4. Imam Al-Bukhari Gate 10
5. King Fahd Gate 21
6. King Abdulaziz Gate 34
7. Makkah Gate 37

However, the authorities said that the Ban ‘as- Salam (Salam Gate) will remain closed.

According to @HaramainInfo, Female worshippers will be allowed to enter through the following gates:

  1. Gate Number 13
  2. Gate Number 17
  3. Gate Number 25
  4. Gate Number 29

The tweet:

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