WHO Declares Support for Madagascar’s COVID Organics


By Muhammad Bashir

The World Health Organization has declared support for the clinical observation process of Madagascar’s COVID Organics. This was announced in a tweet on Wednesday by Andy Rajoelina, the President of Madagascar, following a solidarity trial for clinical trials meeting with the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus.

Rajoelina said the World Health Organization congratulated Madagascar for the discovery and declared support for the clinical observation of the COVID organics in Africa. According to him, the COVID organics is made from Artemisia and can cure coronavirus patients within ten days.

The tweet says: “Successful exchange with @DrTedros who recommends #Madagascar’s efforts in the fight against #Covid19 and congratulates us for the discovery of #CovidOrganics”. “Following @WHO’s invitation to be part of the solidarity Trial for clinical trials, #Madagascar will prove the effectiveness of its third protocol that combines two injectable medicines that are different from #CovidOrganics”.

Over the weekend, Madagascar’s President had accused the WHO of offering a $20M bribe to his country to poison the alleged COVID-19 cure after the WHO asked that the herbal remedy be scientifically tested. He also said the herbal cure was not taken seriously or given any attention because it came from Africa and that if it were from a European country, there would not be so much doubt about the herbal remedy.

Recall that the said Madagascar’s COVID organics had sparked reactions in Nigeria when President Muhammadu Buhari authorized its importation into the country. The President was under attack for not supporting locally made herbal medicine. Some Nigerians demanded that local drugs should be subjected to clinical trials, while some attacked the government for disregarding the potency of locally produced herbal medicine.

However, Nigeria received a portion of the alleged coronavirus cure on Saturday, May 16. The medicine was delivered to President Buhari in Abuja by Umaru Sissoco Embalo, the President of Guinea-Bissau while on an official visit.

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