Activist Writes Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari: Read What It Contains



Dear federal govt of Nigeria

I am Salim Ibrahim by name a bonafide, genuine and indigenous member of Gagarawa local govt of Jigawa state, Nigeria. Please with all due respect and humility, i write this piece of letter which hope to finds it well in order to reminds the federal govt over the issue of our long awaited and uncompleted project of Gagarawa local govt power substation project which was last raised in the house of assembly by our former house of representative Hon Sani Zorro and even inputted it in 2019 budget. Obviously speaking, we are very tired of hearing those kind of theory concept saying ” The contract was awarded to…company at the cost of….money.” We need action and watch it fully completed.

The project had been abandoned for almost 12 years during the late President umaru musa regime but still left uncompleted. Honestly, people are suffering and we’re in urgent need of electricity to live comfortably, as we all know water and electricity are social amenities and essential to human life in this generation, absent of one out of this will lead to a miserable and uncomfortable life. Growing up in Gagarawa town, to be precise, i know very well how people are suffering due to the absent of electricity especially during hot season and fasting period. It’s hardly to spent a good year experiencing or enjoying electricity in my town, imagine! The whole local govt.

My town generate it’s electricity from Gumel through poles, most time during the rainy season some poles used to fall down due to the occurrence of winds, and that will take a long time before the govt look into the matter. In a nutshell, it’s almost a year without electricity in my home town, some people lodge complaints over this issue but still got no desire result. The annoying part of it is how both the state and the federal govt neglected the issue claiming that the power substation will soon come into work so, when? Imagine a country like Nigeria can’t afford to provide a standard living electricity at 774 local govt around the country. Yes, i can’t blame govt alone, poor representation in both state and national assembly play a vital role in this matter.

Going back to the issue, the project was first approved by the federal executive council after the demise of late president umaru musa in 2010 and than the contract awarded at the cost of N472 millions since 2012 but is still yet to be completed. I feel happy when i saw news In December 2019, that the Jigawa state govt has singed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) on the construction of two 132kv Double circuit (DC) as well as the completion of our project, the chairman of (TCN) by then assured that the project will be completed in two months, but now spending almost a half of the year uncompleted.

It’s sad to watch how people are suffering in common charging their phones at various commercial charge centers in the town. People also find it to difficult especially masses to bought ice block because it’s expensive during Ramadan period, and all this happened just because of the absent of electricity in the town. The project when completed will served Gagarawa, Taura, Ringim local govt areas in addition to the proposed industrial hub in the area. The project will not served only the above, it will also boost the economic activities in the state if completed. People with relevance experience will find a job to do also.

Finally, i urge the federal govt to look in to this project, as matter of urgency and completed it as soon as possible so as to enable us live a comfortable life.


God bless Nigeria
God bless us
God bless all

This season shall surely pass!

Salim Ibrahim a social media activists and bonafide indigenous member of Gagarawa local govt area of Jigawa state Nigeria.
Morning sir, i am waiting.
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