Saudi Arabia and its revised version of Wahabism, a cancer in the Muslim world


By Abdulmumin Giwa

President Trump of the United States of America has no better ally than the Wahabi Sa’ud family as do other American leaders in the past. They have entered into arms deals worth over $600b under Trumps leadership alone.

The US has used the Saudis in killing and destroying innocent nations like Yemen and placing countries like Qatar under bondage and isolation. The US is also using Saudi Arabia to keep silent the atrocities of the illegal state of Israel on the Palestinian people. In fact Saudi Arabia is like the 52nd state of America.

The concept of Wahabism, an extremist concept of Islam, is the ideology establishing the rule of the Sa’ud family over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have taken over the Hijaz in which Makka and Madina are, and have created a Kingdom in their family name. Just as they have portrayed Islam to be the religion established with the sword, so have they also been ruling by the sword. Whosoever goes against the interest of the family is beheaded.
It was a nation where women had no right to drive cars and anyone that errs against the authorities is simply beheaded.

Of recent, the Trump’s administration saw the need for a softer Wahabi concept due to pressure from concerned groups and influenced the Saudis to revise their ideas. It is under this that they have allowed women to drive, they have allowed the establishment of clubs and bars as well as cinemas which were all formerly a taboo in the nation.

The Saudis have also allowed the illegal state of Israel access to Mecca and Madina.
The US has used the Saudis to kill any person or group they perceive as a threat to their interest. They have used them in killing Sheikh Nimr in Saudi Arabia, they used Saudi Arabia to kill Kashogi in Turkey and and they joined hands with Saudi Arabia to commit mass murder of members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria. They have simply become the US tool of destroying Muslims and Islam.

The Saudis in the course of America are the promoters of terror and terrorism in the Muslim world. They have funded, Alqaeda, Taliban, ISIS and Boko Haram. Wahabism gave birth to Salafism from which terrorism is founded. The Saudis are in the forefront in dividing the Islamic nation into sects and adversaries. They promote hate and enmity among Muslims in the name of preaching Islam. They are the the front liners of Takfiri forces in the Islamic world.

Indeed Saudi Arabia is a cancer in the Islamic world that is killing the almost 2 billion Muslim population of the world.

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