MUHUYI MAGAJI: A Humanistic and fearless Anti-Corruption Czar


By Sharif Aminu Ahlan

No mortal can dispute the fact that His Excellency Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has his own unique way and Intellectual foresight in fishing out the best hands to occupy sensitive positions in his government and that no doubt could be linked to the success been daily recorded by his administration.

As such the choice of young, vibrant, fearless, intellectually endowed Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado to head the the State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission was indeed a laudable decision that has been paying dividend to the delight of watchers of our democratic dispensation.

The man proved himself to be an active, energetic and tireless leader with focus and unrivalled determination wrapped with desire to leave a lasting legacy that would forever be cherished and remember with awe.

Since he assumed the mantle of leadership of such sensitive agency, he has recorded successes in transforming the agency in terms of administrative style that has become a reference point and object of emulation by other arms of government.

He was able to earned the respect and truth of the teeming populace of the state with downtrodden and neglected have nots rushing on daily basis to seek justice on injustice metted out on them by those who are hitherto untouchable.

Several testimonies are abound where the commoners are daily expressing their gratitude to the agency which stood for them and granted them justice in various cases handled efficiently without any financial burden placed on them or financial gratification in return for the justice rendered to them.

The agency stand out as the defender of defenseless, the voice of the voiceless and a last resort for the powerless seeking for justice in the land where the less powerful are been robbed and deprived their right and privilege enshrined in our constitution.

The anti-corruption czar is also bold enough in confronting every organization or person no matter how powerful in order to fish out the corrupt elements no matter the amount of power, influence or connection they might have in their kitty. Several incidents are abound to justify the claims.

Then the sudden Covid19 saga which has frightened and destabilized the usual and natural setting of the global world, a pandemic that has become the greatest catastrophe ever witnessed, which led to global lockdown.

Kano State was no exception to this unfortunate occuring and due to inhuman and poverty of conscience of certain privileged few, prizes of essential commodities such as food items overnight skyrocketed due to evil concocted designed of some evil-minded whose major preoccupation is to enrich themselves at the detriment of devasted populace.

The first very day the government relaxed the Lockdown to enable people stock the food items and other essential items, the prize of those commodities double or in some cases triple the original prizes.

People were left at the mercy of those business men who extorted them to the their narrow bonds. Pity enough, we are left with no choice than to succumbed to monopolizing extortion..

As the outpouring of complaints took over, His Excellency decided to investigated from source and discovered that the major supplying companies didn’t add a dime in their original prizes.

The fearless Czar decended on them with his trademark incorruptible nature and automatically takes control of the situation.

He started with attacking hidden satanic stores reserved to hoard goods to create scarcity and subsequent dirty huge profits anticipated when reopen.

Then gathered all the marketers and told them the bitter truth on his readiness to arrest and prosecute any offender in respective of his status.

Having known his tracking record and incorruptible nature, they were left with no choice than to hide their face in shame and reluctantly decided to reserved to the original prizes..

What’s a man of destiny ! The entire teeming populace of our state are applauding and commending ur efforts. U have indeed proved to the world that our youth are ready to smelt their name in gold and naturally raised our hope for better Nigeria. U proved to be one of those we would always crave to have in the mantle of leadership.

Be rest assured ur Political future is bright, glittering with anticipated support that would always be there for u. A rare commodity indeed..

Respect our Indisputable Anti-corruption Czar.

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