COVID-19 Response: Gov. Ganduje Proposes Ways To Avoid Agitations At Isolation Centres Across States


Understanding major reasons behind agitations by COVID-19 patients across Isolation Centres in the country, governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state has proposed better strategy to help put that outcry to rest.

He made the observation during inspection and put to use of Daula Female Isolation Centre, Nassarawa local government, Kano, when he notified that everything there was ready for operation, stating that, “Everything is ready here. All staff who supposed to work here have already been posted.”

Calling the attention of the staff there, he warned that “We don’t want hear any complaints from any patient here please. You need to understand the psychology of your patients. Provide them with the necessary items they may seek.”

The governor acknowledged that, “As you may be aware that, there are complaints from some Isolation Centres in some states, it is therefore absolutely necessary to find solution to such agitations.”

As a workable strategy he postulates that, “Contact your patients from time to time and tell them the situation they are at the moment. Tell them what is expected of them and what they should expect. I think that can help in forming a good patient-health worker relationship.”

Explaining that, as a place where patients are idle, with feeling of inconveniences, because they are not with their families and/or parents, “…so they need to be engaged so that they can have hope. That it is just a matter of time that they would be discharged.”

“They should be aware about the procedures. That if they are tested negative for the first time, then they should know that there is hope. And when they are tested negative for the second time, then they are due for discharge,” he urged.

Arguing further that, when there was no such explanation, patients would not know when next a sample would be taken and when next the result of the samples would be announced to them. “From there you begin to see a lot of agitations. We want a situation of cooperation and we want a situation of understanding,” he cautions.

On the state front, governor Ganduje assured that, “We assure our public that we are really prepared to bring this pandemic down, by the Special Will of Allah. Amd I believe we will soon start observing that. Especially when we are having negative negative negative. It shows we are fighting the positive aspect of it.”

The female-only Daula Isolation Centre is 100-bed capacity facility and it is for mild moderate cases.

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